The K Street Modern Industrial Farm Table

We had not made a traditional farm table in several moths when we got the order in for this table. It was fun to get to go back to the basics and create a piece similar to what got me started making furniture full-time! Needless to say, I have come a long way since the first farm table I built in my carpeted dining room December of 2012!

The wood is reclaimed old growth pine from a Washington DC row home. The wood has so much character! We take a great deal of time hand selecting each board, so the history and character are a feature of the finished piece.

Here is a link to the product page on our website.

K Street Modern Industrial Farm Table

Desk Organizers

I love being able to make small household items that help with organization. Most of the small items we design and build are things that I want to have in my house.

We recently completed a small run of desk organizers. I have not yet decided what one I am going to be bringing home!



I was traveling through Taiwan in 2014 and saw a piece of hollow bamboo that had been turned into a portable phone speaker. I remember thinking how simple and practical it was. It was easy to transport and did not require any outlet to power it. It was small so did not pack a huge sound punch.

When I returned home I was determined to make one out of reclaimed wood. Bryan and spent over six months refining the design of the gramophone. Each one take over two days to create in our shop. Everywhere we go they are the conversation piece!!

Washington DC Row Home Restoration

We have been working with Towne Realty and MAD Properties on Washington DC row home renovations. Most of the wood we use on the projects come from Washington DC row homes that are being renovated. It is extremely rewarding to take wood that most people would throw away and breath new life into it. Taking that one step further and putting it back into the same row home is truly amazing!

Here are the last two projects we did!

New Table Design

We recently designed a new round table for our upcoming website launch. I love being able to come up with a new design and get it into production within a few days. This table was conceived while sitting at my dining room table (reclaimed of course) and the next morning we executed the design.

This table was made using 125 year old reclaimed old growth pine from Washington DC row homes. Each piece was hand selected. Every single piece tells a story.

I could not be happier with the design.

Bindle and Keep

Bindle & Keep

We were asked by the owner of Bindle & Keep in Brooklyn to design furniture for his new work space. We were very excited to come up with a unique one of a kind line for Daniel.

I met Daniel in June when he personally fitted me for my wedding suit. I designed and built a dining room table for his Brooklyn condo in trade for an amazing 3 piece suit!

For his tables and chairs we used reclaimed heart pine from a 125 year old Washington DC row home that was torn down. I wanted the finished product have a very modern industrial feel. We hand selected each piece of wood for the tops. Pictured below is the tailor station.

We also built a seven foot long work station with six chairs.


We designed a matching clothing rack for suits to hang while they are waiting to be tailored.


Reclaimed Heart Pine Mini Bar

Reclaimed Heart Pine Wine Bar – Large

We recently designed this wine bar using 150 year old reclaimed heart pine. We decided to use a welded steel base to give it a more modern and industrial feel. I have a feeling we will be making many more of these in the near future!

Interested in purchasing or having a custom size made?

Reclaimed Heart Pine Mini Bar
Reclaimed Heart Pine Mini Bar