Wood Crate Message Center ~ With DIY Chalkboard Paint

Many of you have been asking about chalkboard paint, so I decided it was time to do a post to answer your questions.

I was enjoying a cup of coffee this afternoon and the perfect chalkboard project popped into my head. I bought an old wood crate several years ago at a thrift store for $2.99 and it was desperately in need of a new life. It has had many incarnations…most recently it was used as a plant stand. I thought it would make a great message center!

The questions I get the most often about making your own chalkboard paint:

Is it difficult? Not at all. If you can pour milk into a bowl of cereal you can make your own chalkboard paint!

Is it cheaper than store bought? Much cheaper. 30 oz. of chalkboard paint is $10 for black and $13 for a specialty color. There are only 13 color options. I bought a box of non-sanded grout years ago for $5.99. I am still using the same box! This project probably cost me about 12 cents!

Let me share my insider tip on getting really really cheap chalkboard paint! Buy oops paint from your local home improvement store. It is not uncommon to get BEHR quarts for $2! I rarely leave without at least one can to add to my collection. Another tip…if you don’t like the color ask them to re-tint it! It’s free and you will leave with the color you want (as long as it is darker!)

Perfect message center!
Perfect message center!
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