Reclaimed Chestnut Coffee Table

I just finished this coffee table and love the finished product. The chestnut used for the table top is over 100 years old and very hard to find. In 1904 there was a fungus that destroyed millions of chestnut trees. By 1950 it is estimated that more than 4 billion trees were destroyed. The fungus still exists and prevents chestnut trees from getting larger than 6″ in diameter. Needless to say this piece is pretty great! Better yet…it’s for sale!

Here is the finished product. I used oil based stain and finished with two coats of polyurethane.

World Map Art – Valentine’s Gift


I made this world map for my valentine! She is from Taiwan, so I painted Taiwan red. Here is a step by step guide, so you can make one of your own!



Wood Trunk Rehab ~ Coffee Table

I bought this green wood trunk several years ago at a local thrift store for $10. It sat on my porch for three years begging for a rehab. When we moved into our new place we were in need of a coffee table, and the trunk was the perfect piece to transform!

I decided to use a flat black paint on the trunk. I wanted the piece to blend in with the living room not stand out.  When I was done painting I went back through and roughed up the edges, so it had a slightly used look. I added two handles I had from an old window project I did a few years ago.