The table is 6 feet by 3 feet.

Reclaimed Wood Farm Table

We have really close friends that live just outside Philadelphia that were in need of a new table. Their small IKEA 4 seater was no longer big enough for their growing family. We decided it was the perfect excuse to take a weekend trip to their place. Well, the table was actually reason number two…they have the most adorable 21 month old that is a blast to hang out with!

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DIY Frosted Acrylic House Numbers

As you all know by now I do not like spending money on projects! We moved into our house in October. The first thing I did was to set aside all the random items with potential that were left behind by the previous owner. The basement had a shelving system made with 5 acrylic shelves. The basement was about to be gutted, so I knew they were worth saving.

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