Liebster Award

It’s been over two months  since Gabriella at Craft Queen nominated me for the Liebster Award. I have been juggling a lot of things, so apologize for taking so long to pass this on.  The Liebster Award is given out by bloggers to other bloggers, the main goal being recognition of new/up-and-coming blogs and a warm, fuzzy welcome to blogland.  Thanks for the nomination!

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Cold Press Coffee

So, as many of you know I love coffee! I bought my first espresso machine 15 years ago with graduation money (my parents were not super thrilled). Over the years I have collected many different coffee brewers from around the world.  At last count I had well over twenty. Two years ago I started roasting coffee. It seemed like the natural progression of my coffee obsession. Recently I have been dead set of finding the perfect cold press set-up.

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Chalkboard Paint – Fridge

In my opinion one of the easiest beginner DIY projects is painting something with chalkboard paint. We remodeled our kitchen and a new fridge was not in the budget. The cream color did not go with the new upgraded kitchen, so I opted for chalkboard paint. A can of paint costs around $13 depending on where you purchase it. If you want to make your own for even less check out my tips and tricks page Making your own allows you an infinite number of colors.

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Condo Size Reclaimed Wood Farm Table

Reclaimed Wood Table/Desk

We decided to build a smaller scale reclaimed wood table that could also be used as a desk. Condos and apartments often do not have the space needed for a large scale table. This table is 5’6″, which is six inches smaller than a typical table. We decreased the depth to 24 inches as opposed to the typical 32-36 inches. The finished product could easily seat six!

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Restoration Hardware Beam Table Hack Final

Restoration Hardware Wood Beam Table Knock-off

I have always loved the Restoration Hardware Salvaged Beam table. We set out to build our own version using DC area reclaimed heart pine. To be specific the wood we used is from an 1874 Baltimore row house that was being renovated. Restoration Hardware sources their wood from Great Britain. We like to keep it local and well…the $3000 price tag is a punch in the gut!

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Farm Table 1

Farm Table

I built this farm table for a couple in Washington DC. They had an old row home with a small dining room, so wanted a table that would allow them to accommodate 8 people. Adding two benches is also a great way to maximize space in a small room.

The wood I used was from a Washington DC row home that was being deconstructed. The building was 125 years old. The wood is filled with history. Being able to build a table that is going back into a Washington DC row home is really exciting!

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