Introducing Kurtz + Atkins Design

As many of you know, two years ago I started blogging about my DIY projects for fun. Re-store Design began an outlet for fun projects I was working on. In December of 2012 my fiance and I moved to the DC area for her work. Before moving East we made one last trip to my parents’ farm in North Dakota. Before leaving North Dakota, we spent an hour in the frigid 100 year old barn sorting through wood for our future farm table.

I posted the finished reclaimed wood farm table on Craigslist and got over 45 emails about the table. That North Dakota farm table is what started it all! One thing led to another. Nine months after that first project I realized I needed to pursue my passion full-time. I paired up with Bryan Atkins who is an amazing craftsman. Bryan got his degree in Furniture Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Bryan and I soon discovered that our combined backgrounds and education would be a great foundation for a business. We both share a passion for creating unique furniture made from 100% reclaimed materials. In late 2013, Kurtz + Atkins Design was born.

We will soon be carried by Citizen Frederick in Frederick Maryland. We are very excited to work with Antonio at Citizen Frederick. We have been approached by a few other places as well! Check out Citizen Frederick here

Needless to say, I have been very very busy the last several months. If I have been slow at replying to emails, text messages and calls, this is why.

Check out our Instagram. It is the best way to stay up to the minute with our projects! We have a lot of clients following us. It allows them to follow the making of their projects!

Here is sneak peak of our branding!



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