Chalkboard Paint – Fridge

In my opinion one of the easiest beginner DIY projects is painting something with chalkboard paint. We remodeled our kitchen and a new fridge was not in the budget. The cream color did not go with the new upgraded kitchen, so I opted for chalkboard paint. A can of paint costs around $13 depending on where you purchase it. If you want to make your own for even less check out my tips and tricks page Making your own allows you an infinite number of colors.

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$5 Brass Wall Sconce Makeover

This is a simple weekend project. Head to your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore and buy a sconce (or two) that has interesting details. For less than $10 and a can of spray paint you can breathe new life into the sconces. Make sure to use a fine grit sandpaper to prep the surface and prime the brass before you you paint. You will appreciate taking the time to prep in the beginning once you begin painting the metal.


Wood Trunk Rehab ~ Coffee Table

I bought this green wood trunk several years ago at a local thrift store for $10. It sat on my porch for three years begging for a rehab. When we moved into our new place we were in need of a coffee table, and the trunk was the perfect piece to transform!

I decided to use a flat black paint on the trunk. I wanted the piece to blend in with the living room not stand out.  When I was done painting I went back through and roughed up the edges, so it had a slightly used look. I added two handles I had from an old window project I did a few years ago.