IKEA Kivik Couch Update

11 thoughts on “IKEA Kivik Couch Update”

  1. What color cover is that? Did you dye it a dark blue. I have a kivik couch as well and looking to update it! I think I will add the legs, it looks really good!

    1. This one does not have the sofa bed. You should be able to do this in a model with a sofa bed. The key would be building blocks to place under the feet when the sofa bed is folded out, since adding the feet will raise the level of the couch. It could be as easy as using a few pieces of scrap wood or bricks (depending on the height). Let me know what you do! I would love to see photos, so I can share on my blog!

    1. To be on the safe side I attached the legs with a lag bolt and nut instead of using the screw that was provided. I wanted to make sure it was really secure and would not break off when people were sitting on it. That process was very simple. Where the couch meets the chaise there is no place to attach a Besta leg. For that I cut a piece of wood to make a leg. The woods fits into the metal piece that is used to attach couch to the chaise. Once the wood piece is in the channel I drilled a hole, so I could attach it with the existing hardware. This step took the longest since I needed to cut the wood a couple times to make sure the couch and the chaise were at the same height.

      1. Any chance you could give a little more information on this? I am not as talented at woodworking as you clearly are, but I am attempting to use new legs to slightly raise and upgrade the look of my own kivik loveseat and chaise. I can’t think in the way that you do in order to come up with a solution to take care of the part where the two sections meet, so everything I bought is still sitting in the closet. Any extra advice would be greatly appreciated.

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