Liebster Award

It’s been over two months  since Gabriella at Craft Queen nominated me for the Liebster Award. I have been juggling a lot of things, so apologize for taking so long to pass this on.  The Liebster Award is given out by bloggers to other bloggers, the main goal being recognition of new/up-and-coming blogs and a warm, fuzzy welcome to blogland.  Thanks for the nomination!

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Cold Press Coffee

So, as many of you know I love coffee! I bought my first espresso machine 15 years ago with graduation money (my parents were not super thrilled). Over the years I have collected many different coffee brewers from around the world.  At last count I had well over twenty. Two years ago I started roasting coffee. It seemed like the natural progression of my coffee obsession. Recently I have been dead set of finding the perfect cold press set-up.

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I was out of the country for two weeks exploring the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovakia. Sorry for the lack of blog activity. I have been busy going through photos I took on the trip and researching the monuments and buildings. Here is a a photo of Mount Grimming in the Austrian Province … Continue reading Vacation

Reclaimed Wood Bed

We needed a new bed, so I decided to clean the garage of old wood scraps. Tool List: Drill and screws, jigsaw (or handsaw), orbital sander (or sandpaper), nail gun (or hammer and brad nails), miter saw (or handsaw), polyurethane and a paintbrush. Material list: 2 wood pallets, 2 – 4×4 posts cut to 54″, 2x4s and 2x6s to make … Continue reading Reclaimed Wood Bed