Reclaimed wood is not in everyone’s budget. Years ago I decided to try and make “reclaimed” wood from new big box store wood, so I could teach others how to tackle a DIY project with confidence. It really is a very simple process. With a few store bought items you can recreate a reclaimed look … Continue reading

Tiny House

In July I found a great seven acre farm with a workshop and a tiny house. The tiny house was the first project I tackled! It is by no means a tiny house I would have designed for myself, but I was not about to complain about a free tiny house next to my workshop. … Continue reading Tiny House

MAD Wine Designs

K+A has an excellent partnership with MAD Properties, which tasks us to make furniture, shelving, and kitchen/bathroom pieces for a real estate agent who restores DC properties before they go on the market. Our usual orders are for kitchen shelving, bases for bathroom sinks, and other furniture that will not only stage the house beautifully … Continue reading MAD Wine Designs