IKEA Kivik Couch Update

My IKEA Kivik couch armwraps are great for updating your couch. It’s convenient place to set your remote, coffee, laptop, or a nice glass of wine. These simple and beautiful piece is a space saver for your living room!

I am always adding new designs to the armwrap line-up. My latest batch includes two eco-friendly plywood designs. Check back often as I am always adding more!

Current stock

Chestnut Reclaimed Wood Armwrap
Chestnut Reclaimed Wood Arm wrap
Reclaimed Wood Armwrap
Reclaimed Wood Arm wrap
Reclaimed Old Growth Pine Arm wrap
Reclaimed Old Growth Pine Arm wrap
African Dibitou Arm Wrap
African Dibitou Arm Wrap

If you have a couch square arms I can do a custom piece! Email info@kurtzandatkins.com for instructions on how to measure for your custom couch arm wrap!

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Farm Table

I built this farm table for a couple in Washington DC. They had an old row home with a small dining room, so wanted a table that would allow them to accommodate 8 people. Adding two benches is also a great way to maximize space in a small room.

The wood I used was from a Washington DC row home that was being deconstructed. The building was 125 years old. The wood is filled with history. Being able to build a table that is going back into a Washington DC row home is really exciting!

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